This is Canada Nice

"Destination Canada and the creators of Come From Away– the husband and wife duo, Irene Sankoff and David Hein – partnered to release a new and original song.

Canada Nice is a song of Canadian pride brought to life with animated visuals by Halifax-based animation studio Wonderlust.

Created as a love letter to Canada, Sankoff and Hein’s lyrics serve as a reminder of the nation’s reputable “niceness” and charm. Together we weave a compelling story of Canada’s diverse people and languages, the beauty of our cities and communities, the historic milestones and scientific achievements born here. From the top of Niagara Falls, to iconic and beloved delicacies from coast to coast to coast,

This is Canada Nice reminds us of Canada’s distinct personality and offers inspiration to explore when the time is right."

The brief for "This is Canada Nice" was very open, so we came up with the idea to anchor both the beginning and the end of the song with a classic Canadian cafe setting where both human and animals live in perfect harmony. With this setting we were able to use a wall of postcards that could bring us into a world of various art styles - from 3D, to Indigenous art created by the design duo - Born in the North, whose work is inspired by their Mi’kmaq ancestry.

Throughout the video we included many truly Canadian things that have inspired us as artists, ie The Log Driver's Waltz, La Petite Vie, etc... There were many other easter eggs that unfortunately had to be removed for copyright reasons. You can't win them all. ;)

A varied roster of influential Canadians have lent their voices to This is Canada Nice, including Canadian cast members from Come From Away. Notable additions joining the song include Rita Baga, celebrated Quebecois drag queen; iskwe, Indigenous singer-songwriter; Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first female astronaut and first neurologist in space, in addition to influential authors, athletes and artists.

Big thanks to our amazing illustration and animation team for bringing this to life!


Client Destination Canada

Studio Wonderlust

Creative Director Ryan Rumbolt

Executive Producer Christian Rankin

Lead Animator Julian Fumagali

Illustrators Tom Goyon, Loris Alessandria, Vera Babida, Albert Carruesco, Bernat in Motion, Born in the North, Miguel Angel Camprubi, Fernanda Ribiero, Silvia Bassoli, Claudio Araos Marincovic, Felipe Fiori

2D Animators Julian Fumagali, Juan Pontaroli, Leo Compasso, Marco De Vecchi, Federico Bressan, Pablo Rago, Jorge Conde, Florrian Perron, Martin Hurmane, Scott Jonsson

3D Animators Albert Carruesco, Bernat in Motion

Compositing / AE animation Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer

Song Irene Sankoff and David Hein